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We are an investigative firm with over 30 years of investigative experience across the Gulf Coast of the United States.

Our team of investigators at Gulf Coast Investigative Services are committed to professional investigative excellence. Beyond offering a top-shelf customer service, our team strives to provide our clients excellent results unmatched by any investigative agency in Florida.

We equip our private investigators with cutting-edge technology and the latest investigative techniques to collect the evidence you need. All investigators are supervised by a member of our senior staff to ensure our clients receive the best investigative service available. Clients are provided with daily updates and timely written reports.

Upon completion of each investigative assignment and case budget, we provide our clients with a final report packet containing a comprehensive written reports, copies and digital files of all evidence, and recommendations – if any – for future surveillance.

Our investigators have worked thousands of cases across the United States and have helped save millions of dollars that arise from fraudulent claims.


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Initial Consultation

Request a free consultation from our investigative team to help us understand your needs, and investigative goals.

Investigative Plan

Our investigators will provide you with a customized investigative outline to best achieve the goals you seek.

Final Documentation

You will be provided with a detailed documented outline that will hold up against scrutiny in the court of law.